The Spot Hype App's Privacy Policy

Here at Spot Hype we take our privacy policy VERY seriously. This is why we are committed to giving our users full transparency when it comes to how Spot Hype uses the personal information that users share with our growing database.

User information plays an important role in making the Spot Hype app work and the more info we gather the more accurate our systems become in finding your fun! This is a short list of all the ways Spot Hype gathers user information, how Spot Hype uses that information and how Spot Hype will NEVER use this information.

The information we gather...

Spot Hype gathers user location data. User location data is one way that Spot Hype locates trending places in a localized area.

How we use this information...

In relation to other information sources, user location data is the main source that we use to gauge a spot's relative popularity.

How we will NEVER use this information...

Spot Hype NEVER reveals who is contributing to it's database and where they are contributing from without the user's voluntary consent. All data is displayed in our system as an anonymous point based score.

Spot Hype is committed to keeping user information safe and secure. We will notify all users of any changes made to the app that alters how the Spot Hype app gathers information from its users in the future.